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Food Decay System [Work in Progress]

The Food Decay System Breakdown [Work in Progress] The implementation of the Food Decay system is to present a new & yet realistic challenge to the players. All Consumable items will have a Temperature value, this includes food/drinkable items All food items that exceeds their max temperature will accelerate the degradation process (all food items […]

Building Placement Poll

What this poll is about is a little difficult to describe, I have included 2 short video demonstrations of the 2 building mode types that I’m currently considering. The first building type is what I currently use in Just Us, the second building type is what is used in the games like Fortnite and Citadel: Forged […]

Dev thoughts – Zombies?

It’s been on my mind for quite some time, personally I love Zombies, they are simple, stupid and easy to use. They are also very enjoyable to kill, when I set out to create my game Just Us, I didn’t want to make another survival zombie game, that was never my intention, and it still […]

The Farming System

The Farming System Today I’m happy to announce a new aspect of the game, farming! The farming system breakdown You will find seeds randomly around the Island Plant seeds to grow crops that you can harvest into food Plants will wither and go bad if you leave them unattended for too long You will need […]

Dev thoughts, the building system

Shelters and You At first when I started making the game, I knew I wanted a building system, it’s essential to survival games (in my personal opinion), and doing so with your friend(s) is even more fun, I eventually settled for the “Blueprint”-style building system, where you select a blueprint you want to build, place […]

Pets and You!

I’ve always wanted a game with a Pet (particularly a Dog), which you can train, gain loyalty and build a relationship with. So I finally have the chance to do that. Hunting with your Pet In my last Article I posted a video showcasing how your Dog can find random items in the world, I have expanded […]

Work in Progress

It’s time to do an article update explaining a bit more on the videos posted lately, so I will go over them briefly: 10 Minute Gameplay Video This video is showcasing just a few of the features that I’ve been/is working on, the crafting system, looting system and the new building system. I decided to […]