The Food Decay System Breakdown [Work in Progress]

The implementation of the Food Decay system is to present a new & yet realistic challenge to the players.

  • All Consumable items will have a Temperature value, this includes food/drinkable items
  • All food items that exceeds their max temperature will accelerate the degradation process (all food items have different values)
  • Drinking a very cold beverage will decrease your body temperature slightly
  • If the temperature reaches MINUS -10C, food decay will seize completely [blue]
  • If the temperature stays below it’s “max temperature”, food degradation is normal (slow) [green]
  • If the temperature exceeds “max temperature”, food degradation is accelerated [red]

Normal temperature status, slow degradation

Accelerated food degradation, exceeds the foods max temperature for storage

Food degradation stopped when frozen close to ~-10C

Storing food

  • Storing food items in the players inventory will inherit your body temperature (ambient+body temperature)
  • Storing food in a container keeps it at ambient temperature
  • There are special containers that you can craft for storing food items, an example is a Cellar in your home

The food system is not 100% completed, but this is what I got so far.