The story

is about a couple, set on an Island created due to Global Warming, that has flooded most of Earths surface.

You came here to settle down. live the quiet life, far away from civilization. With only a handful of people in your neighborhood, it was the perfect settlement.
Until you wake up one day, only to find out that everybody had left the Island.. leaving only you and your partner, alone.

With only basic skills in building, crafting, fishing and hunting, you must help each other to survive, find out what happened to the residents of the Island, perhaps they left something behind? Where did they go? What happened? Will we ever go back to normal again?

A lot of questions will arise as you continue exploring the Island, will you find the answers? Do you know how to survive?

You will face brutal challenges against mother nature, the weather shifts from extreme heat to extreme cold in the matter of hours, with the lack of proper winter clothing the shift in temperatures will be extremely difficult to overcome. That’s not all.. there are plenty of Wild animals on the Island, some hid during the day, others hunt by night.

How will your story end?