I’ve always wanted a game with a Pet (particularly a Dog), which you can train, gain loyalty and build a relationship with. So I finally have the chance to do that.

Hunting with your Pet

In my last Article I posted a video showcasing how your Dog can find random items in the world, I have expanded this to enemies as well. Your dog will “scan” the nearby area for X amount of time, if he finds an enemy he will start chasing it, BUT, this does not apply to all enemies. If he finds a stronger enemy, he will not try to locate it,but stay in place and warn you.

Use your Dog to fetch your Prey

When working on my Pet component I found out that when shooting down birds or killing rabbits, they were a little difficult to spot, especially when in the dark. So I set out to fix that problem using your Dog, he can now fetch your prey that you kill.

Features breakdown

  • The relationship with your Dog will grow over time, if you continue to use your Dog for hunting, finding items and have him follow you will increase your Dogs loyalty towards you.
  • Your dogs loyalty will make him search for items and enemies in a larger area for longer periods of time, he will eventually follow you all the time, if you choose to have him by your side.
  • He will fetch small enemies for you that you kill.
  • He will chase enemies that he finds in your vicinity, for a limited time, this will increase with his loyalty towards you, eventually he will “chase them to death”.
  • Your dog is Personal, both players will have their own Dog.
  • He can die, either from vicious enemies or if you accidentally hit him with your bullet, (bullets also have ricochet, so be careful).
  • You can use your Radio/GPS to track your dog if he is chasing an enemy.

I will most likely expand the features and functionality of your Pet with time.

Visit any of the social links below for more information, I have also just recently created a Discord server for anyone to join and follow the development. I also post Unlisted dev videos on Discord exclusively.

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